Yay, yay

Another gray day

Time to laugh

And time to play

Time to read

And time to pray

Yay, yay

Another gray day!

* * *

The sound of the rain began in the wee hours of the morning. How easy it is to sleep being lulled by the incessant patters of rain on the roof.

Opening the blinds at first light, my eyes confirm that it is another gray day. To some, this may mean gloom, but to me, it is my heart’s delight. Especially on a Saturday with no other plans.

Another gray day means time to read while my favorite music plays in the background. I only need to pause while I wash the week’s clothes or unload the dishwasher.

Another gray day means more time to play. More time for snuggles with a red-headed sweetie-pie.

Another gray day means time to slow down and pray and purposefully and deliberately reconnect with my Creator. Unrushed.

Yay, yay, for another gray day.