The thing about writing this blog is that I want to write regularly. If not every day, then at least every other day. And I was doing great (with the three posts so far — ha!) until an unusually harried work week merged with my general procrastination tendencies.

Oh, and I thought I had whipped that procrastination thing, once I started this blog!

So I determined that Saturday morning I would write another blog post. It’s not from lack of material. I’ve got the notes piled high on my desk. It’s just, you know, that P-word. And also the G-word: grandbaby. And the W-word: work. And the…. Oh, never mind.

But back to this morning. So I get up fairly early, at least by Saturday morning standards: 7:30. I eat a little breakfast. I decide to take my laptop to a cozy spot in the bedroom since my husband is watching an old movie on TV in the living room, which is a part of my dining room where I usually write. Too much distraction. I love those old movies.

Before starting, I just want to get the dishwasher going, which leads to looking around for any stray dishes, which leads to finding my grandbaby’s toys still strewn about the front room, which leads to my picking them up, which leads me back to turn the dishwasher on. I just want to file those three receipts that lay on the counter while l am thinking about it, which leads me back to the front room where Katie is now watching a TV show that I hate because it gloatingly pushes moral boundaries while pulling you in to watch it with its great singing! Which leads me to express this sentiment to Katie, who agrees with me in principle, but says she enjoys the music part! Which leads me to watch about 10 minutes of the show I despise, which leads me to despise that I allowed it to steal my time. Which leads me to muse that no time spent with my precious daughter is wasted! (Can you say justification?)

Of course, musing about life and spending time with my daughter reminds me I really wanted to write a blog post, which is me musing about life.

So I did.